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Bovine vaccination campaigns in Chad, memories of 1960th

par Georges Tacher, Docteur vétérinaire Présentation par François Vallat The author recalls his memories of the cattle vaccination campaigns in Chad between 1960 and 1964, different vaccines, the logistics of touring and some traditions of local people.éd.sci.vét., 2011, 11 … Continue reading

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Feeding, an evidence of the humanization of the dog?

by François Vallat, Docteur vétérinaire, Docteur en Histoire, Adel. A review of documents available on the feeding of hounds from Antiquity to the present suggests a change in practices around 1830, when meat gradually takes the place of bread, … Continue reading

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Achille Urbain (1884-1957): ethology as a pretext. A Pasteur’s follower in the French Natural History Museum

by Thierry Borrel, Professeur Agrégé de Biochimie Génie-biologique Achille Urbain (1884-1957) graduated from Lyon Veterinary School in 1906, but, as early as 1903, had joined the army which he was to leave in1931. While appointed to the military Laboratory for … Continue reading

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A Cherbourg veterinarian’s sign-board painted by Jean-François Millet (1841)

by Hugues Plaideux, Docteur vétérinaire, Email. This paper presents a Cherbourg veterinarian’s sign-board painted in 1841 by Jean-Francois Millet (1814-1875), the future and celebrated author of The Angelus and The Gleaners. Lost sight of in the late XIXth Century, … Continue reading

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Ovine pathology in the Sologne (France): The aqueous cachexy and the so-called “red disease”, two diseases that have lasted impression

by Bernard Heude, Docteur vétérinaire, Docteur en histoire, Adel. Two diseases of wool animals are outstanding for the Sologne inhabitants in the 18 th century and are a major source of worry, as they cause a high rate of … Continue reading

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Gelders and expert marshals: the history of little-known professions

by Arnaud Gaschet, Docteur vétérinaire, Adel. The advent of veterinarians in 1761 created a new social and occupational group involved in animal medicine. Thus veterinarians started competing with gelders and expert marshals who had practiced their art for ages. … Continue reading

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