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Horse medicine in the 18th century, through the writings of Markham and Solleysel

par Christophe Degueurce et Bruno Richoux Content: an analysis of the works of Jacques de Solleyesel (1617-1780) and of Gervase Markham (1568-1637), followed by well-thought-out comparisons of the theory of humours according to each of these two horsemen and of … Continue reading

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Henri Velu (1887-1973), a pioneer of the Veterinary medicine in Morocco : an introduction

by Claude Milhaud* et Jean-Louis Coll** *Vétérinaire Biologiste Général Inspecteur (2°s.) ** Vétérinaire en Chef (C.R.) General biography of the French Veterinarian Henri Velu, general structure of his activities in Morocco (historical context, outline of his activities in the field … Continue reading

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Achille Urbain (1884-1957): ethology as a pretext. A Pasteur’s follower in the French Natural History Museum

by Thierry Borrel, Professeur Agrégé de Biochimie Génie-biologique Achille Urbain (1884-1957) graduated from Lyon Veterinary School in 1906, but, as early as 1903, had joined the army which he was to leave in1931. While appointed to the military Laboratory for … Continue reading

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An unpublished manuscript written by Jacques de Solleysel, 1676

par Roger Chouvy, Docteur vétérinaire, Adel. An autograph manuscript written by Jacques de Solleysel, from which only articles have until now been available, is published here in its entirety. It consists of equine therapeutic notes written in 1676 to … Continue reading

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