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The Kirmaier affair, or The Jewish veterinarian and the peasants

Nathalie ROUSSARIE Docteur en Histoire contemporaine, Paris I7, allée Bernadotte 92330 The story of a Jewish Romanian veterinarian, denounced by his colleagues and backed by the county farmers, the local and regional administrative authorities, as well as the farmers … Continue reading

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Historical overview of canine medicine in France

par François VALLAT* *Dr vétérinaire, Dr en Histoire, email. The uses made of dog were mainly responsible for the evolution of Canine medicine. Treatment of canine diseases, after being virtually ignored by the ancient authors, was developed from the … Continue reading

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Chronicles of a 20th century rural veterinary practitioner in Cantal

par Claire Combelles Content: a description of the conditions in which the veterinary profession was organised in the face of empirics at the beginning of the XXth century, followed by the daily problems of rural practitioners confronted with the technical, … Continue reading

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Inventory of the inheritance of Muguet Gire, a veterinary practitioner in Puy-en-Velay (1794-1850)

by Roger Chouvy,  Docteur Vétérinaire, Adel. This article presents the detailed inventory of the inheritance of Muguet Gire, a veterinary practitioner in Puy-en-Velay, France, who died in 1850. The list of his property (working clothes, surgery tools, drugs, veterinary … Continue reading

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French veterinarians and equine recurrent uveitis, 1761-1838

par Bernard Clerc* et François Vallat** *Professeur d’Ophtalmologie honoraire des Écoles nationales vétérinaires, Adel. **Docteur vétérinaire, Docteur en Histoire, Adel. Periodic ophthalmia — known today as equine recurrent uveitis — was particularly prevalent in the past in damp … Continue reading

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Tchad’s memories of a veterinarian, 1954-1955

Memories of Jacques Itard*, Docteur vétérinaire, Chef de service honoraire à l’Institut d’Elevage et de Médecine Vétérinaire Tropicales, Adel. Présentation-adaptation par François Vallat Memories of a bush veterinarian at Oum-Hadjer and Moussoro (Tchad) during 1954-1955, depicting his relations with … Continue reading

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Bovine vaccination campaigns in Chad, memories of 1960th

par Georges Tacher, Docteur vétérinaire Présentation par François Vallat The author recalls his memories of the cattle vaccination campaigns in Chad between 1960 and 1964, different vaccines, the logistics of touring and some traditions of local people.éd.sci.vét., 2011, 11 … Continue reading

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A Cherbourg veterinarian’s sign-board painted by Jean-François Millet (1841)

By Hugues Plaideux, 19 rue Jallot, 50440 Beaumont-Hague This paper presents a Cherbourg veterinarian’s sign-board painted in 1841 by Jean-Francois Millet (1814-1875), the future and celebrated author of The Angelus and The Gleaners. Lost sight of in the late XIXth … Continue reading

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