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The Alfort Battalion’s battle to defend Charenton’s bridge on 30 march 1814

Emmanuel DUMAS Vétérinaire en chef, Service vétérinaire des armées de Metz, Caserne Ney, CS 30001, 57044 Metz Cedex 1 emmanuel.dumas@sfr.fr In 1814, as the allied armies were about to invade France, pupils of the Alfort Veterinary School were formed into … Continue reading

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A paradoxical veterinary teacher, the Norman André de Chaumontel (1752-1814)

François VALLAT Docteur Vétérinaire, Docteur en Histoire 10 rue Jean Pigeon, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont francoisvallat@hotmail.com André de Chaumontel, NCO in the French King’s Household Cavalry, was first a student at Alfort Veterinary School and later a teacher – on his return … Continue reading

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“Père Cent” tradition in Alfort’s Veterinary School (1903? – 1958)

par Julien BUQUET* *Docteur Vétérinaire, email jbuquet@gmail.com Communication présentée le 16 novembre 2013 Appearing in the army in the XIXth Century to mark the coming end of military service, the Père Cent (“Father One Hundred”) embodied the hundredth day before … Continue reading

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