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The sheep of Bas-Berry and liver fluke disease from the end of the 18th to the middle of the 20th century

Nicolas BARON Professeur agrégé d’Histoire-Géographie au Lycée Curie (Châteauroux), 23, rue Berlioz 36000 Châteauroux nicolazig@gmail.com Adopting the “animal point of view” conceptualized by Eric Baratay, this article attempts to reconstruct the lives of sheep from Indre faced with liver fluke … Continue reading

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Cattle rearing in Ancient Egypt Content

par Annelise Roman, Docteur Vétérinaire Abstract : overview of our knowledge of cattle reared in Ancient Egypt (origin and breeds of cattle), on their role in rural economics, on their use for human consumption or in handicrafts and their religious … Continue reading

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Recalling François-Hilaire Gilbert and the rediscovery of his archives

by Pierre Bonnaud, Docteur-Vétérinaire, ancien directeur des Services vétérinaires de Vendée This article dealing with the history of François-Hilaire Gilbert was written by an enthusiast of this young professor of the Alfort Veterinary School, already well-known, but brought back to … Continue reading

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François-Hilaire Gilbert, a veterinary artist portrayed in fifteen manuscripts

by Laurent Garino, Docteur vétérinaire, Adel. l.garino@tiscali.fr This study involves fifteen manuscripts discovered in the François-Hilaire Gilbert Fund and collected by Pierre Bonnaud under the title ‘Pathologies et recherche’. Modern and spiritually reformist, Gilbert tried to achieve rational diagnoses and … Continue reading

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