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An outline of the history of French military veterinarians

par Claude Milhaud Content: a short history of French military veterinarians, divided into three periods: from the establishment of veterinary schools in 1940, from 1940 to 1945 (Second World War) and from 1945 to 2000. The author describes the activities, … Continue reading

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The use of mules in the French Army

par Claude Milhaud* et Jean-Louis Coll** * Vétérinaire Biologiste Général Inspecteur (2°s.) ** Vétérinaire en Chef (C.R.) A short overview of the role played by mules in the French Army and the way in which they were used during the … Continue reading

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French military veterinarians killed during the First World War

By Emmanuel Dumas, Docteur Vétérinaire, vétérinaire en chef After a reminder of the rank of the veterinarians in the French army in 1914, the website “memoire des hommes” is presented: it brings together all the death certificates of more than … Continue reading

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Emile Decroix, a military veterinary surgeon, promoter of horse meat consumption in France and precursor of fight against smoking

Emile Decroix, veterinarian, was an Army major (1821-1901) who committed life-long philanthropic actions to the detriment of his career and his fortune. Sustained by an irrepressible will and an irrepressible charisma, he was the promoter of the consumption of horse … Continue reading

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