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The beginnings of a Breton veterinarian: paucity of the therapeutic arsenal in 1923

François VALLAT Docteur vétérinaire, Docteur en Histoire, 10 rue Jean Pigeon, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont, francoisvallat@hotmail.com The bareness of his case-log in the year 1923 grants a valuable insight into the amount and type of work François UGUEN (1894-1990, graduated Lyon 1922) … Continue reading

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Restraint of horses during the Middle Ages

Par Yvonne POULLE-DRIEUX Archiviste paléographe, 6 rue Lemaignan 75014 Paris, yvonne.poulle@laposte.net There is no medieval treatise on the subject and the relevant information is to be gleaned from the general medieval veterinary literature; for this article, only recently edited treatises … Continue reading

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The restraint of horses as described by ancient Greek and Roman authors, from first to fourth century AD

François VALLAT Dr vétérinaire, Dr en Histoire, email. francoisvallat@hotmail.com The study of texts by Columella (Ist century) and by hippiaters of the late Roman Empire (IVth century) reveals characteristics of ancient restraint methods used in performing surgery on large domestic … Continue reading

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Historical overview of canine medicine in France

par François VALLAT* *Dr vétérinaire, Dr en Histoire, email. francoisvallat@hotmail.com The uses made of dog were mainly responsible for the evolution of Canine medicine. Treatment of canine diseases, after being virtually ignored by the ancient authors, was developed from the … Continue reading

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Horse surgery in the 17th century from works by Solleysel and Markham

par Malika Zakria* et Christophe Degueurce** Communication présentée le 7 février 2004. Content: Most important surgical veterinary techniques on horses carried out during the 17th century, as described by Solleysel and Markham in their respective books. Lire l’article

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